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More than just Web Design


Photography, web design and a personal approach


A website needs both great images and great design.

I take the time to get to know you and the look you want to achieve. I take beautiful photos that tell a story about who you are. I create a website that reflects your own uniqueness and helps you stand out from the crowd.

The web sites I design:

  • Include professional photography

  • Are responsive and feature all the technical requirements of good web design in 2020

  • Are easy to manage and update yourself

  • Are individual and customised

  • Are great value


A great website is an investment which will bring returns.

In this digital age, the look, feel and functionality of a business website is just as important as the presentation of a physical address. More often than not, it will be the first impression new customers will have of your business.

According to studies, people take just 50 milliseconds to make a judgement of your website. That means good graphic design and a great main image will make a huge difference to visitor numbers.

Your website needs all the technical basics expected of 2020, especially to function well across all devices. Since 2015, more than half of internet traffic has been from smartphones.

It also needs to be easily managed, so that you can keep it up to date with minimal effort and regularly change the content to keep people engaged.

The great news is that these days getting a website that will attract visitors and get people engaged doesn't have to be a very expensive or long process.

I take advantage of the emerging trends in website building to create full-featured, customised web sites faster and for less money than traditional web design companies. I also provide something you won't get from other web designers which is beautiful photography and an eye for graphic appeal from a skilled, award-winning photographer.

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